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KFXT-41 Techno Kick Processor
Turn boring samples into massive techno kicks
Image 1

€34.9€17.9 (Intro price for first 77 users!)

Psytrance AI Voices
Artificial Intelligence voices
Image 1

€14.9€12.9 (Intro price, time limited)

RRTX24 Resonant Techno Reverb
Algorithmic FX extraterrestrial reverb
Image 1

€32.9€19.9 (Intro price! Time-limited!)

Analog Tape ASX-72
Magnetic reel-to-reel tape recorder
Image 1

€38.9€18.9 (Spring sale!)

DarkPsy FX466
Darkpsy / Psycore / Forest / Night Psy
Image 1

€46€34.9 (Spring sale!)

Darker Techno Instruments
thematic Club bank
Image 1

€14.9€13 (Spring sale!)

Swede Trap Bass
Trap/Hip-hop kick synthesizer
Image 1

€99.9€39.9 (Spring sale!)

Correct music key /scale
Helper for correct melodies / scales
Image 1

€16.9€13 (Spring sale!)

Psychill X1
Psychedelic chillout / Psybient instrument
Image 1

€34.9€27.9 (Spring sale!)

EDM-BIGROOM Ammunition
Premium mainstage banks & instruments
Image 1

€29.9€22.9 (Spring sale!)

Psychedelic Tunnel T1
Unique psy sci-fi reverb / ambience generator
Image 1

€29.9€21.9 (Spring sale!)

Psytrance Drum Kit 2
Collection of more than 900+ psytrance Drum/FX samples
Image 1

€34.9€28.9 (Spring sale!)

Technol HN1
Minimal techno instrument / Drumkit
Image 1

€36.9€34.9 (Spring sale!)

Neurofunker XG6
neurofunk / drum & bass instrument
Image 1

€29.9€24 (Spring sale!)

X-Prog 4600
Progressive psytrance instrument
Image 1

€39.9€32.9 (Spring sale!)

Psychedelic FX 6000V1
Psytrance FX instrument
Image 1

€28.9€23.9 (Spring sale!)

Virutal analog bass synthesizer
Image 1

€13.9€9.9 (Spring sale!)

Alien303 V2
Virtual analog bass / acid synthesizer
Image 1

€26€22 (Spring sale!)

Trap Illuminator 8000X1
Trap and Hip-Hop instrument
Image 1

€19.9€16.9 (Spring sale!)

PsyKick AK1
Psytrance kick drum generator
Image 1

€29.9€22.9 (Spring sale!)

Image 1

€28€21.9 (Spring sale!)

FM Wave XR7
Image 1

€28.9€23.9 (Spring sale!)

VTD-42 Psychedelic Delay
Vintage psychedelic tape delay
Image 1

€21.9€18.9 (Spring sale!)

Psychedelic Spiral S1
Twisted psychedelic sound transformer
Image 1

€26.9€19.9 (Spring sale!)

Nu-skool Delay
Image 1

€18€14 (Spring sale!)

Pultronic EQ-110P
Vintage vacuum tube equalizer
Image 1

€32€29.9 (Spring sale!)

Pultronic EQ-50M
Mid-range vacuum tube EQ
Image 1

€22.9€18.9 (Spring sale!)

Vacuum tube high frequency / transient vitaliser
Image 1

€14.9€10 (Spring sale!)

Analog BASS Saturation - Enhance processor
Image 1

€18€13.9 (Spring sale!)

Twisthead VS-206
Vintage vacuum tube preamp
Image 1

€18.9€13.9 (Spring sale!)

Transient shaping system+
System for modelling transients/envelopes of drums
Image 1

€16.9€11 (Spring sale!)

Mid-Side SHGV+
Stereophonic harmonic generator/vitaliser+
Image 1

€19.9€14 (Spring sale!)

Smart analog/tube/tape saturation
Image 1

€22.9€15 (Spring sale!)

Mid-Side CSF+
Mid (Mono)-Side (Stereo) creative filter
Image 1

€18.9€12 (Spring sale!)

Ultrabass MX
4/4 Bass synthesizer module
Image 1

€29.9€22.9 (Spring sale!)

British style solid state parametric equalizer
Image 1

€24€19 (Spring sale!)

Mid-Side EFM+
Mid (Mono)-Side (Stereo) env.follower / multifilter
Image 1

€18.9€13 (Spring sale!)

Monitor MSX5
Headphone monitoring system
Image 1

€45.9€39.9 (Spring sale!)

Treble Cream
Mid-Treble & transients softening technology
Image 1

€29€24 (Spring sale!)

Multiband Distortion/Waveshaping unit + Effector
Image 1

€24.9€19 (Spring sale!)

Zener Limiter LM-2Z
Transparent mix/mastering analog style limiter
Image 1

€17.9€12 (Spring sale!)

Synthaix Dubstep Nitro Fuel
Dubstep, Riddim, D&Bass, Bassmusic Instrument
Image 1

€49.9€29.9 (Spring sale!)

Audio Control Console AC1
Mix & Mastering sound control console
Image 1

€22.9€18.9 (Spring sale!)

VCA based transparent compressor
Image 1

€49.9€39.9 (Spring sale!)

Psytrance Drum Kit 1
Collection of more than 1000+
Psytrance/Progressive Drum and FX samples
Image 1

€18€16.5 (Spring sale!)

Minimal techno sample bank
collection of more than 900+ percussive samples and FXs
Image 1

€19.9€15 (Spring sale!)

XXL Bundle
Collection of best Instruments, effects and samples
Image 1


Analog Bundle
Collection of best analog effects
Image 1


Ampethron Portable device
Revolution in Live Acts, DJ sets and Sound Synthesis
Image 1
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