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On-line mastering with discount for G-Sonique customers! just send us your unmastered tracks on-line and get professional sound within few days
Just sent us your unmastered songs in 48khz 24bit wav format and get Professional sounding masters
within few days. Test mastering free of charge!
We have "know-how" to make your record sounding like best modern records. If you are producing electronic music, rock, pop or jazz we can suit
all your needs! (We have experiences with mixing and mastering almost all music styles)
We can make your record fat, loud, modern and massive without sounding harsh and distorted or if you prefer transparent dynamic sound - your album
can sound like crystal clear diamond.
You must read our license agreement / terms before ordering or testing our services.
You fully agree with our license agreement / terms by ordering or testing our services or by sending us e-mail.
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