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Twisthead VS-206

Old dirty army radio from cellar of your senil grandfather?? Neverrr!! Luxury, ancient vacuum tube jewel! ya fakka!

Endless praising of vacuum tubes is certainly annoying for us as well for you. What embarrassing cliché. BUT the vacuum tubes are simply the smasher
and that's it. Pure rock n roll fakka.......!

If you're not deaf you feel that today's modern music lacks energy and the spirit of legendary analog vintage tracks. No matter whether it is acoustic or
electronic music, the digital sterility kills its soul, ya fakka. You hear it yourself; the spirit of the tracks from 60's to 80's recorded analogically to tapes
via vacuum preamps.

Why not to combine the quality and possibilities of digital sound with a heat, grandiosity and charisma of vintage analog vacuum tube machines?

The story behind Twisthead VS-206 ...

One day we bought an excellent collection of vintage analog machines from some unknown wandering loser. It was a bargain. Among the machines
there were some real gems. What a good deal, hehe! :-D After an exploration and deep analysis of these machines we managed to create
a fakinn emulation of vacuum vintage preamp from 60's!!!

And this is what Ya always wanted, the antique and rare fakin rexpensive gem. Only few pieces were produced. The rusty vintage machine…
Its price rises every day thanks to its inimitable sound!

But now… it's available for masses!!!

Like a real vintage hardware...

UltraFat, dirty or clean, crispy, warm, colorfull sound! This machine behaves like a real analog hardware! It behaves in non-linear way and unexpectedly.
Turn one knob a bit and other knob changes its behavior. Input drive affects the resulting sound as well as reaction to values set on each knob.
You know these characteristics from analog vintage machines only!

The Twisthead VS-206 isn't classic vintage vacuum pre-amp and vacuum vitalizer  for live bands and musicians only... It's also a great for production
and mixing of electronic music - it adds huge vacuum heat, color, charisma and XXL fatnezzz to basses, beats and synthesizers …no matter
whether you create house, trance, hip-hop or drum and bass.

The Twisthead VS-206 sounds best with live instruments. If you are dirty fakinn rocker, bluesman loving raspy dirty guitars and beats or jazzman
demanding colorful and clear sound, the Twisthead VS-206 will magnetize you, especially if you use electronic or acoustic guitars, bass guitars, beats or

Don't play boogie and download the demo, ya fakka!

- Top emulation of vacuum tubes with rich, fat and colorful sound. It is possible to set the parameters like warmth, saturation drive, brillance (1st harmonics)

 (This emulation is based on similar technology that is used in Pultronic EQ-110P. However the sound is different. In addition the parameter values are
  similar to the most legendary vintage pre-amps.)

- Vitalizer and colorizer of high frequencies with beautiful analog sound. It is possible to set the parameters like high frequency, tube harmonics, boost

- Input pre-amp and output amp let's you amplify or soften your sound. This way you can change the characteristics and behavior of Twisthead VS-206
  device - the level of saturation of signal, amount of higher harmonics etc.

- Double internal oversampling for achieving maximal quality of sound with minimum of unwanted artifacts

Limitation of the demo version: short noise sound about every 20 seconds.

Demoversion download: Twisthead VS-206 (6,08 MB)
Pentium III 1200 Mhz / 256 MB Ram
Windows XP/7/8/10
VST/VSTi compliant host (Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Sonar, Reaper)
(JBridge required only when used in 64bit version of Ableton or Studio One)
Serial number
You can buy our software on-line via PayPal
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- Eurocard/Mastercard       
- American Express            
- Diners Club                     
- Direct debit USA
- Bank/Wire transfer
- Cash deposit
- Switch/Solo, Check is also possible
- On/Off bypass switch for instant sound control (with and without effect)

- VU meter showing the level of analog saturation of signal

- Preset manager with exemplary presets

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