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Limitation of the demo version: short noise sound about every 20 seconds / expiration after 30 days / Very limited number of instruments/presets

Demoversion download: EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION (360 MB)
Pentium III 1200 Mhz / 256 MB Ram
Windows XP/7/8/10
Apple MAC: AU Audio unit or Mac VST compliant host (Logic Pro, Cubase etc.)
Windows: VST/VSTi compliant host x32bit / x64bit (Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Sonar, Reaper)

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VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies.
G-Sonique EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION is probably only one thing you need to create EDM / BIGROOM dancefloor killing hits instantly. If you want to be
successful DJ/producer travelling from gig to gig worldwide, enjoying fast supercars, open-air festivals, girls n champagne in backstage, check this monster.

EDM / BIGROOM Ammunition is plug-in multi-instrument/rompler created for EDM, DANCE, TRANCE, BIGROOM, HOUSE music producers, but can be used
in other music styles (Trap, Pop, Rave, Electro, Dubstep, Melodic Drum&Bass / Drumstep) or experimental genres.

EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION include 139+ high quality, multi octave / multi-layer instruments/sounds ready for music production. Most of sounds are
processed with analog hardware (Tube Equalizers and Compressors for FAT MASSIVE SOUND (Avalon VT747sp used, recorded via Cranesong HEDD
AD/DA, custom made California sound LA1975 used for fat bass and colored trebles, Bedini B.A.S.E for wide 3D sound)

EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION  makes your production faster and sounding better, you can choose from hundreds of high quality sounds made by
professional producers in speed of just few seconds, modify them with internal parameters or use external vst effects. Creating just one sound with
standard synthesizers can take long hours or days + months of learning, with EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION your production become more professional,
faster and you can fully focus on creating melodies, arrangements, beats, mix etc. EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION also saves lot of your CPU and RAM
(it is much more effective than standard synthesizers). This plug-ins includes various styles of EDM leads, Bigroom squelchs / Blibps, Bass, Plucks,
EDM tape-stop sounds, speaking synths / vocal / voice synths, basses, lasers, bombs, orchestral hits and horns, supersaw leads, FX and much more.
Listen to the demo videos or better DOWNLOAD DEMO with few example sounds. FULL VERSION of EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION include huge
library of 1.8 GB (1800 MB) internal files packed together with plug-in!

All instruments/sounds can be additionally modified with LFO (rate and depth) modulating volume/expression, Panning, Pitch, amplitude envelope - attack,
decay, sustain, release, Pan, Space, you can choose glide (+ glide time), mono, legato or polyphonic modes, load additional bonus instruments etc. You
can layer two or more instruments together to create new kind of sounds (use two EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION Layered together with different
instrument/preset but with same melody) and use various external G-Sonique VST effects to modify the sound to brand new level. EDM / BIGROOM
AMMUNITION uses special multi-sample/multi-octave Hard drive streaming technology which saves your RAM (data are loaded from hard drive) with
precise hiqh quality sound interpolation. EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION  is available for Windows and Mac (VSTi plug-in in x32/x64bit for Windows,
VSTi plug-in for MAC, AU Audio Unit plug-in for MAC)
- 139+ high quality multi-octave instruments with class A audio interpolation/resampling
1,8GB Huge library!

- LFO Modulation with depth and rate knobs (modulates: volume/expression, panning, pitch)
with triangle, sinus, square, saw, and exp shape

- Glide knob

- Space knob

- 3 modes: Polyphonic, Mono, Legato

- Amplitude envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release knobs

- Resampling quality selector

- Velocity curve selector

- Pitch bend knob

- Pan knob

- Possibility to load external bonus instrument (will be distributed to clients as special bonus)

- Multi sample hard drive disk-streaming / memory reading mode (for saving RAM capacity)

- High quality resampling / interpolation engine

- VSTi plug-in for Windows (available as x32 / x64bit VSTi instrument )

- AU Audio unit plugin and VST for Apple MAC OSX
303 EDM
Acid heavy stab
Amazona pluck bass
Arabic stab
Arogant millionaire
Birds bass
Bomb or laser
Boxers club
Bright sun lead
Cask hit
Classic EDM pluck
Classic high lead
Classic pluck
Classic supersaw
Classic thin noisy lead
Coc and caviar
Cosmic laser
Crazy duckz
Dark EDM metal pluck
Darker dance pluck
Deep pluck
Dirty drop
Dominant EDM pluck
Drunken leadsquelch
Dungeon bass
Edge hardpluck
EDM Armagedon lead
EDM Pluck
EDM Tribe stab
Elektro bass
Elektro hit
Elektro percussive bass
Elektrospeak lead
Elektrotech lead
Empire lead pluck
Fat and warm stac
Fat hall lead
Fat hit
Fat horn
Fat laser
Fat squelch hit
Fat squelch lead
Fat stacatto bass
Fat stop down lead
Fat supersaw lead
Flare hit
FM lead
FM weird lead
Fresh bass
Glass stab
Hammer lead
Hard stab
Hard trance stab
Hard wood pluck
Hardgrowl pluck hit
Hardknife synth
Heavy bass
Heavy elektro squelch
Heavy empire synth
Heavy empire
Heavy hornz
Heavy lead
Heavy pluck
Heavy stab
Heavy trap lead
Horny lead
Japan game FX
Jumpup hit
King of emirates
King of the hall
Lambo hit
Laser hit squelch
Laser squelch
Laserblip FX
Los angles pluck
Mainstage supersaw
Massive hit squelch
Mauz bass
Metal stop
Metallic pluck
Mid growl
Modern lead
Money and power
Monsta hit synth
Mordor hit
Nasty hit
Orchestral hit
Orient bass hit
Orient squelch
Percussive electro bass
Percussive pluck
Player stop
Pluck down stop
Private jet hit
Progressive morph lead
Prpl lambou
Rich and Bitch horn
Rich and Nasty
Rich arab lead
Rich pluck
Ritual pluck knock
Saw squelch up
Sharp nice pluck
She is idiot
Short electro
Short lead
Short squelch hit
Short stophit
Soft percussive bass
Speak pluck
Speaking robot lead
Speaksquelch up
Squelch stab
Squelch supersaw
Squelchblip up
Stoned businessman
Stop lead
Stop pluck
Stupid chicks
Sultan pluck
Tropical EDM pluck
Ultrafat dutch lead
Ultrafat lead
Ultrafat supersaw
Vocal synth up
Voice bleah

EDM / BIGROOM AMMUNITION - AU / VST plug-in for Win & Mac
Huge 1.8 GB Library of multi-layer / multi-octave instruments/sounds included in plug-in!
EDM / BIGROOM / HOUSE Tutorial - how to make EDM track in Cubase+VST by M2 Recordings (Milan Malik)