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Let's be honest. Most of "analog tape" plug-ins do almost nothing just simple classic saturation (comparing to real reel-to-reel hardware recorder which affect
sound in many non-linear ways: for example it produces not just basic saturation but also natural non-linear compression, wow and flutter effect, variable
noises and hiss, hysteresis, rounding and softening sharp transients and trebles etc.) Many producers need versatile analog tape plug-in that can emulate
various types of analog tapes and their electronics (recording electromagnets, pre-amps) from various ages 1960 to warm 1980 and clean 90s.

We designed Analog Tape ASX-72 to offer various types of tape sound for various styles of use and high level of sound creativity: from very gentle "invisible"
modern tape sound to add just little bit of warmth to very fat, grungy vintage sound. You can use ASX-72 during mixing modern tracks with subtle settings,
to add massive amount of dirt to rock / indie music, to add real analog sound to techno or dnb tracks, to add noisy wavy sound to synthwave tracks,
psychedelic atmosphere of twisted old tapes to psytrance / dub or psychill tracks or just to make your digital beats / synths more realistic and natural.

Analog Tape ASX-72 is lot of fun and sound creativity, it is not just another mix plug-in with almost inaudible effect designed only for few audiophile mix
engineers, with ASX-72 you can totally change character of your drums, synths, guitars, vocals, strings and other instruments while you can still use it as very
gentle mix processor with low settings.

Analog tape AXX-72 comes as x32bit / x64bit native VST effect plug-in.

- Drive / Warmth control - to control input volume level (and level of saturation at the same time)

- Fatness knob

- Flutter knob - to control tape flutter effect, from very subtle to intensive

- Wow knob - to control tape wov effect, from very subtle to intensive

- Bias control

- Feedback control - analog tape recorders/players produces little bit of feedback that affect sound, you can control amount of feedback in wide range with
our knob

- Drive switch from low to high

- Emphasis - standard tapes makes trebles less intensive and tape's saturation make transients more rounded, muddy. With emphasis you can boost trebles
and transients at the same time which creates interesting effect.

- Type of tape selector: Tape A421 or C24

- Device clip - tape recorder electronics and tape itself can create clipping when signal is too hot, but different type of clipping than ugly digital clipping. You can
control it with this knob.

- Device limiting - tape recorder and tape itself produces also natural limiting sound effect, which can be controlled by this knob

- Hiss control - from almost no hiss of modern tapes to high amount of hiss of old 60s vintage tapes

- Tape speed selector: 30ips / 15ips

- Output volume knob

- Power (bypass) switch to compare tape sound / dry sound

Limitation of the demo version: short noise sound about every 50 seconds.

Demoversion download: Analog tape ASX-72 (7,9 MB)
Pentium III 1200 Mhz / 256 MB Ram
Windows XP/7/8/10
VST/VSTi compliant host (Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Sonar, Reaper)
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