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1. I have ordered the product however I have not received it. What shoul I do?
Our products are always sent immediately after the order was placed. An e-mail is sent to everyone automatically. If you have not received your
product via e-mail, please check your “spam”, “junk” or “bulk” folder before you contact us. If you realized your order via bank transfer, check etc.,
where the payment process is often delayed for several days, the product will be sent to you as soon as the payment will be fully cleared.
2. Is G-Sonique a big company? Do there work many employees?
No. G-Sonique is a very small and independent 2-people company that consists only of two people. We do all the hard work like programming the
instruments, graphics design, selling the products, marketing, customer support, etc. Programming of the musical instruments and effects is our life-span
goal and it’s a full time job as well which requires a lot of time and resources. Therefore we need the support from everyone who likes G-Sonique so we can
keep creating better and better instruments for you – the musicians.
3. I have just stared with electronic music, how to run your software?
Most of our products are plugins using the VST and VSTi technologies. This means it is required to add them to some musical software (also called “host
application”), e.g. Cubase, Fruity Loops Studio, Logic, Sonar, Orion, Live, Digital Performer, etc. The plugins have to be installed into specific VST folder and
activated I the host application.
4. My plugin has no sound or hiss noise sound after activation, what to do?
Your activation was not successful probably because wrong serial or typo in your email registration address.
Please go to appdata folder (type %appdata% into search bar in windows), locate two files named [nameofplugin]name.txt and [nameofplugin]serial.txt.
Open them in any editor like notepad or wordpad and verify your registration data are correct (if not edit them and save).
5. Is there a MAC/OSX version of your products?
Unfortunately not all of our products are MAC compatible. Only our rompler series and sample packs are available for OSX.
Our old series of plugins are at the moment Windows only.
6. I'm a current customer, how will I obtain a new update to my product?
All current customers will obtain the new update automatically via their email used for registeration of the product. Please don't forget to check your
“spam”, “junk” or “bulk” folder. If you didn't receive it (in the case your registered email is not valid anymore) please contact us and let us know your name,
full address, date of buy and email used for registration. We will verify these data and process your request shortly.
7. Are yours plugins also in 64bit versions?
The plugins having x64 logo in shop section have also 64bit version. However the plugins without x64 logo are 32bit only, they are working great
in any 64bit DAW using its internal bridge as Cubase up to version 8.5, FL Studio, Reaper, Sonar etc... In DAW which doesn't have internal bridge
for ex. Ableton or Studio One, external bridge such a JBridge is needed to run 32bit versions properly.

8. I'm using FL Studio and sometimes I'm getting erratic artefacts or cracks.
In this case, please use these setting in your Fruity Loops:
- open settings tab on instrument
- check the 'Use fixed size buffers' and 'Use maximum buffer size from host'.
(In FL20 and higher, you'll find the setting under 'Processing' tab of the setting menu

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