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Treble Cream VST - Updated to 1.02

The major change, besides various minor
changes, is a fixed bug which might cause
killing of output sound or a host crash under
very specific systems and circumstances.
So this release improves system stability
Psychedelic spiral S1 RELEASED!
Transform your synthesizer leads, FXs
atmospheric pads and beats into twisted
psychedelic sounds of 22 century.
Create alien sounding Fxs, soundscapes
and glitchy beats. Experimental VST not
only for psytrance production.
Mastering TrebleCream VST Psychedelic Spiral S1
18.1.2017 Alien303 V2 - Updatet to 64bit version    I  26.01.2016 64bit compatible version of Renegade - Analog Monster     

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