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Minimal techno, industrial techno, schranz, electro, free tekno, Detroit techno, these styles seem to consist of simple to make rhythmical beats and other
variations,  but this is just not true. Everyone who has tried to produce minimal techno music at the top level  must surely have met with the fundamental problem
which is missing suitable samples that have the characteristics of  a dirty minimalistic sound  in their collections. Many of the samples from the available basic
drum collections are not really useful, and there is a lack of minimal techno samples on the market  which could be bought in the standard e-shops.

From our experiences we know that from 90% of techno sample packs, produced by competitors, only classic samples are usually useful like kicks,
claps, hi-hats, but they are missing the most important of them: synthetic, dirty, minimal percussion, industrial sounds, robotic drums, scary hits, dusty clicks
and scratches which sounds like a weak scratched radio signal from a far-away NASA space station attacked by evil aliens. The sound of drums that  you never
know where they are coming from. The creepy woods of the Amazon jungle or from a far, unknown mutant civilization, dark dirty noises and breath taking
massive percussive f***ing beats. Simply put, the basic structure of each great techno track was always a big problem to achieve and even more difficult to
produce. But …

The TECHNOTRON SD 422 is HERE! - A collection of the samples which will help you to produce minimal techno at the TOP level.

Now it is so easy to produce pro sounding minimal techno tracks, like building a house from LEG0 during your spooky childhood.

Of course, this sample pack is not  just to be used for minimal techno, it is also useful in the most dark music styles like dark psytrance, psycore,
dark ambient, dubstep, a dark drum and bass / neurofunk / darkstep / techstep, experimental, industrial, dark wave, tribal, minimal house, EBM,
dark core . . .
The TECHNOTRON SD 422 - Minimal techno sample pack includes more than 900 individual samples in the following categories:

BASS: 29X - Techno bass and sub bass samples

CLAPS: 56X - Minimal and non-traditional FX claps

CLICKS: 141X - Minimal or dirty clicks and short percussive sounds

ELECTRO SOUNDS: 127X - Electro hell percussive and FX samples with original sound

HI-HATS: 117X - classic and brand new minimal, experimental or dusty close-hats, open-hats, ride-cymbals, industrial hats,

KICKS: 90X - various kick drums, minimal, deep or aggressive hard industrial ass kickers

PERCUSSIONS: 221X - Synthetic minimal percussion, special percussive hits, industrial hits and sounds, dusty effected shamanic drums, alien drums
and effects

TOM DRUMS: 92X - TOM drums and percussive effects as you never heard before, dirty percussive madness...

SNARES: 33X - modern and aggressive snares or old school SID chip style snares


- Software or Hardware sampler / Drumbox
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Example ZIP pack of more than 116 samples from TECHNOTRON SD422
FOR FREE, just give us your email address where to send it!

Demosongs were created only with TECHNOTRON SD422 and some additional effects as Pultronic EQ-110P and Twisthead VS-206!

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