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Psytrance Drum Kit 1 was released 8 years ago. It was very popular sample pack used by many famous psytrance producers worldwide (see our artist
page). Many killer tracks which destroyed festival dancefloors and clubs worldwide were produced with PSK1.  While psytrance drum kit 1 is still very
popular this music genre has changed its sound and new sub-genres were born. Now kick drums used in popular psytrance are heavier, more fat and
massive, hihats are more creamy, claps and snares are more smooth and robust, there is lot of influences of other genres like house and minimal.
Also DSP processing power, algorithms of DAWs and plug-ins are now better so tracks are sounding better, crystal clear, louder and fat comparing to
10 years old tracks, same happens with samples because technical improvements allows better sound quality of samples production.

So it was right time to make Psytrance Drum Kit 2 with actual psytrance sound!

Almost 2 years of hard work, but PSK2 is here, even better.

PSK2 is not any recycling of PSK1, sounds are generated completely new, different techniques of synthesis, resampling and post-production. New
equipment and software used. Sounds are already slightly processed with compressors, multiband processors, eqalizers and selected sounds were
enriched with real analog and vacuum tube equipment. While PSK1 has more basic unprocessed sounds, PSK2 sounds are more fine-tunned for
production so you don't need to use lot of eqs, compressors, multibands and cut problematic frequencies.  If you have PSK1, number two is a must have
psychedelic ammunition with different types of drums and sounds. While every pack is complete psytrance drums/sounds/percussion collection we
suggest using both, they are different  but perfectly complement each other.

Many amateur producers understate power of rhythms. They think that Kick, one clap and hihat is enough. But not for 21st century! Psytrance is
reincarnation of prehistoric shamanic rituals that happened thousands years ago, also at that time people needed complicated hypnotic rhythms played on
djembes/percussions to fall into the trance and higher states of conciseness, not just simple kick or 4/4 rythm. If you want to attract people by your music
never forget two basic elements - interesting rhythm and energetic bassline. Your beat should have more types of closehats, shakers, breaks, thin and fat
snares, hits, blips, structure. There must be lot of almost inaudible elements that makes beat more groovy, hypnotic, interesting and adding necessary
energy that will kill dancefloors.

If you are producing fullon psytrance, progressive, darkpsy, hitech, psycore, goa, tribal sound, experimental or twisted psytrance PSK2 has everything
you need.!

If you are producing fullon psytrance, you will find here fat massive kicks, from more proggy/housy sounding kicks to sharp kicks with razor transients,
fat claps, fullon snares, breaks, creamy hihats, smooth open hats, treble breaks, treble hits, synth hits, edgy sounds, acid hits and much more.

If you are producing Darkpsy, complete collection of: darkpsy kick drums, from deep to sharp kicks, darkpsy break sounds, snares, darker shamanic
forest percussions, hihats, shorter open hats, twisted mysterious dark twisted sounds, synth hits are included.

If you are progressive producer: creamy smooth kickdrums, minimal and experimental synthetic sounds, percussions, echo/spiral/twisted sounds and
mini blips are included, hihats/openhats and claps inspired by house/minimal/progressive music are included. There is just one folder dedicated for
progressive psytrance full of synthetic percussions, blips, experimental sounds, minimal sound etc.

If you are Hitech producer you need killer energetic kick drums, mechanical robotic snares, robotic hihats and breaks, sci-fi hihats, percussions,
industrial / metallic sound and hits, simply sounds from far future. They are here!

If you are psycore producer you need darker but fast kicks, experimental mysterious sounds, darker percussions, everything is also included.

If you are into tribal psytrance - complete collection of tribal percussions, woods and shamanic sounds is included, if you prefer experimental highly
psychedelic twisted sounds or producing psychillout, you can find complete collection of psychedelic twisted sounds and percussions which sounds like
from other dimension or after applying high doses of mushrooms.
The Psytrance and Progressive DRUM KIT 2 contains more than 900+ special Drum and FX samples in the following categories:

BLIPS & CLICKS: 48 samples
HIHATS (OPEN & CLOSE HATS + Special FX hats): 110

TOTAL SAMPLES: 900+ samples

- Software or Hardware sampler / Drumbox
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Progressive psytrance demosongs: (made completely with PDK2)
Darkpsy / Forest / Tech psytrance demosong: (made completely with PDK2)
Hitech / Psycore demosongs: (made completely with PDK2)
FULL-ON psytrance demosongs: (made completely with PDK2)