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Nikita Tselovalnikov aka PENTA ( Label owner of AuraQuake records, California, USA )

Alien 303 and Xbass 4000: I wish G-Sonique's Alien303 plug-in was invented ten years ago. Making a
perfect bass sound was always a frustration for many trance producers, including myself. Until today I was
tweaking different synths and EQs for hours to get Penta's characteristic bass lines. With this little monster
though, all the presets are ready for production. Making psytrance bass lines was never this easy. I don't think
I need to use EQ and compression anymore. You can expect many future Penta tracks made with this bass
synth. I am also dying to try it on my Azorsky electro project. So, to all the people who asked me how to
make bass lines before I now have a short answer: Go and buy Alien303, you will love yourself for that!
Dr. Ralph K. - Rastaliens / Braincell ( Glowing Flame / Free-Spirit Records / BooM! Records, Switzerland )

I have used lots of different synths, hardware and software over the years, and have to say Ultrabass MX4/4
is one of my new favourites now. The variation of basslines, especially for Psytrance, Progressive kind of
music, will rock the dancefloors for sure. Its easy to use and have some special features for making your
bassline a success...you cant go wrong with this amazing sounding plugin.
Dark Nebula ( Digital Psionics records, Australia )

G-sonique have provided Dark Nebula with unique power tools for drilling dance floors.  A range of excellent plug-ins for
creating, shaping and throttling sounds. These plug-ins have given me the key ingredients for my creativity: easy to use,
effective and built for a fast moving generation. Designed with workflow in mind with a price that’s not worth risking a
trojan over. You will be hearing renegade leads, transient manipulated drums, stereo side phased filters, and some
nasty ultrabass lines in Dark Nebula tracks in the future.  Within 20 minutes of using just two of g-sonique’s plugins – the
creative stereophase filter and the transient shaping system -  my snares were hammering out of the mix and I had a slick
phaser in the wide stereo field of my main lead. Within minutes I had created two new spaces in the mix that I never
knew existed. Thanx to the G-sonique team for helping me to explore new dimensions.
Federico Agreda aka ZARDONIC ( OWSLA / Planet Human / Big Riddim. World Class Drum & Bass Artist )

TrebleCREAM & Monitor MSX5: "The color that treblecream is giving to my tracks is beautiful. I've literally spent years looking
for a plug-in that could do something similar and it was nowhere to be found. This is truly a unique tool and brings back that
smooth high end found on most analog recordings.

And Monitor MSX5, I have to say I tested every single tool that did a similar job out there. Tried it, and the only one that was
actually the closest to the sound of my actual monitors was this. And it helps a lot, specially when everyone's sleeping at
night, which is when I get inspired most of the time!"
VINAI ( Spinnin' Records )

We are using XBass 4000 for a while and it's our favorite plugin for tweaking the bass. The low frequency are really
important and with xbass you can pump the one that you need with an unique saturation enhancement. We definitely
recommend xbass to everyone.

Didy Ezra aka Bizzare Contact / Royal Flush (Label Owner of Mainstage Records, Israel)

I've been constantly using DUBSHOX H8 since the day it came it.
DUBSHOX H8 is my tool for beefing up my basses & distorting up my leads/fx.

I own many other Multiband Distortion units, but DUBSHOX H8 has that unique sound that i cannot get anywhere else.

Gain up your input drive and try the Napalm / Toxic Twist / High dose algorithms in the Mid Drive section to see what this
device is all about.

Vinicius Honorio ( DRUMCODE / Liberta records, Brasil / London )

I really enjoy using TECHNOL HN1 plugin. The sound quality is solid and I recommend it for anyone looking for raw
techno sounds. It is a great tool to take your production to the next level.
Drunken Kong ( Tronic, Terminal M,  Octopus records, Japan )

Quality of sound, ease of use and interface look are 3 things I really value when using any software or hardware.  In the
studio, the most important thing for me is a smooth workflow. When ideas are coming, I need to express this very quickly
and I really find the TECHNOL HN 1 to be useful.  Easy to use plugin that has spot on sounds.  You can just use the preset
as it is.  From really cool and useful bass sounds to various percussion kits, the TECHNOL HN 1 is something I now use
in every track I produce.  I really love the perc function where it adds a nice attack to any sound.  The look and feel of this
plugin is also great!  You will be hearing alot of the TECHNOL HN 1 sounds in the future DRUNKEN KONG tracks!

Canartic ( Dank Disk records, Texas, USA )

Dubmaster - Liquid Delay: We 're finding many uses for Dubmaster Liquid Delay on our new Canartic record.
Drums, rhythms, guitars, samples. Very unique effect that we've not heard another quite like before. A great
mix of delay combined with phasing and filtering that we're sure to use much more. Easy to quickly get very
cool, unique sounds and delays.. I really love the sound of the resonant filter... one of the more "analog"
sounding filters from a plug-in effect I've heard. DubMaster is seriously warm, fat, spacey, and yes... dubby.
Thanks for a great new effect guys!

Ray Subject ( Dendy, Bizzare project crew, Slovakia )

Alien 303: What a bassline !! This little toy is pretty awesome, it's love at first sight for me. I will definitely use this
little monster in my tracks because i never get so huge basslines with any other HW/SW synth. And, thankfully some
additional features like chorus and delay, this synth is more than only bassline creator... With little bit external
processing you can get very nice and warm arpeggios and leads. I mostly use my hardware synths, but for basslines
i haven't any reason use something else than Alien303. Awesome synth, with fantastic filter wich joins together the
best from analog and digital worlds !
Electro synthetic rebellion ( DSBP.cx records, GRAVITATOR.RU Records, France )

Renegade: I just bought Renegade yesterday and I'm currently testing it, and all I can say at the moment is
CONGRATULATIONS! You did a great job! The sound quality is excellent. Very impressive. And the price is fair
compared to other expensive (and not so good) soft synth. I've always prefer hardware because you usually get a better
sound, but your Renegade plug-in is amazing, I love the sound! You should make a hardware version :) I hope you'll get
some rewards because you deserve it.
Optokoppler ( UNDERGROUND SOUND OF TEL AVIV records, YSE records, Germany )

Alien 303: My first impression of Alien 303 is really good. I like the waveforms and the filter section. Delay and
Unison/Chorus are nice features for acid and lead sounds. With a little bit of eqing, I reach satisfying bassline results.
I guess for lots of people in the psyscene who are starting to produce music and always asking themselfs, how do my
favorite artist create such a powerfull, rocking bassline, this synthesizer will be a godsend. Thanks a lot G-Sonique,
I'll keep you in mind and I'll observe your future developments.

Oliver Schmidt - sound engineer, part of psytrance project Optokoppler.
Yaroo ( Mentalight crew, Slovakia )

Alien 303: Clean, powerfull bass, sound style like analog but more, more stabil. It is good for psytrance fullon bass and
also for techy short and proggy bass.It takes effective frequency spectrum and it is simple for equalization when you don’t
have to much increase any of frequency range upper 0 db. When you need simple, powerfull and effective bassline synth
Alien 303 is the right for you.

Greifenkeil ( GrenTzwert records, Germany )

Renegade, Alien 303: both are audible in most tracks of our current release "Blood Mystery". Great sound, great intensity,
can't imagine to work without them anymore. Truly awesome, very compatible to all of our productions so far, and after all
a high value which is inexpensive, affordable for everyone.

G-Sonique with Alien 303 & Renegade have become good friends of our every-day production, and by now they have
become indispensable! Carry on friends, we are expecting more to come......

Fractal ( Surfacetension.cz, Czech republic )

Alien 303: The description "psytrance bass synthetizer" fits perfect. Saturator is spot on, nice oscillator waveforms.
Especially useful for novices in psytrance making. Very fast results. No more equalizers, saturators and distortion
plugins on bassline channel, just Alien 303!

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Moilim Yacoub aka MY ( Music Producer / Mix Engineer / Entrepreneur, Canada )

Alright finally installed  TSS+ and let me telling you this plugin ridiculously amazing. Wooooooooow, this
transient shaper is absolutely a Go to plugin to have. On drums, its amazing how you can simply Push the
envelop, Squash the drums and HIT it hard by keeping the transient right nice and Clean (in other word without
loosing the real sonic sound). I throw this into some House Drum & Bass loop  in sidechain mode and I got
to say I'm sold & It's a keeper.
Teddy Killerz ( RAM Records, Eatbrain, Monstercat, OWSLA, Program, Bad taste, Blackout music, Russia )

We use G-Sonique Xbass 4000 quite often and we are really satisfied with its functionality. It gives a very nice & “tasty”
saturation at the low end / sub. We definitely recommend everyone to try it!
Black Sun Empire ( Owners of Blackout music NL, Netherlands)

G-Sonique X Swede Trap Bass: "Fun, inspiring and great sounding instrument for any kind of bass-heavy music"
Audio Anthem ( Billboard #1, Grammy Award Winning Music Producer, U.S.A. )

G-Sonique X Swede Trap Bass: "This Vst is a cheat code for making knocking bass and kicks! I love the flexibility
and character you can add!"

Buunshin ( Critical Records, Vision recordings, Dividid, Neosignal recs., Netherlands )

"The different oscillator types sound really fresh and intrigued me right away. I've never seen this before in
a drum synth"