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I G-sonique releases 64bit version of Renegade - Analog Monster

06.12.2015 I G-sonique releases Alien303 V2 - Virtual analog bass / acid synthesizer

19.10.2015 I G-sonique releases DTC-1 - VCA Based Transparent Compressor

07.03.2015 I G-sonique releases PsyKick AK1 - Psytrance Kick Drum Generator

08.12.2014 I G-Sonique releases Audio Control Console AC1 - Mix & Mastering Sound Control Console

I  G-Sonique releases "Pultronic EQ-50M" Midrange Vacuum Tube Equalizer VST Plug-in for Windows

I  G-Sonique releases "Zener Diode Limiter LM-2Z" (Analogue-style limiter for mix and mastering)

I  G-Sonique releases "Dubshox H8" - Multiband Distortion and Waveshaper for Windows VST

I  G-Sonique releases TrebleCream VST - harshness remover / mid-treble distortion remover & transients softening technology

I  Monitor MSX5 - Headphone monitoring system Released!
Do you want to mix on headphones accurately and comfortably? Now you can! New headphone monitoring system with
realistic monitor / speakers simulation.

17.02.2012 I  G-Creative series: Mid-Side: Envelope follower / FX multifilter+ Released!
New funky creative stereospace envelope follower / FX multifilter, we added 3rd dimension to envelope follower technology and it sounds really good

25.1.2012 I  GSXL4070 - British style parametric equalizer RELEASED!
Console type EQ, made to make your mixes better :-D

New bassline synthesizer for progressive trance, psytrance, uplifting trance, hardstyle, electrohouse, techno and more...

I  G-Creative: Creative stereophase filter Released!

I  G-Mix series: Mid-Side: Stereophonic harmonic generator / vitaliser+ Released!
New product from G-Mix series+ released! Get it just for 12.90 Eur instead of 24.90 and give your tracks 3D Space, Depth, Width and ATMOSPHERE...

I  G-Mix series: Transien shaping system+ Released!
We are proud to present you new line of productscalled G-Mix series+ and brand new plug-inTransient shaping system+
Give your drums MORE shape...

16.9.2011 I  TECHNOTRON SD422 Released!
Minimal techno sample bank. Creating minimal techno music on professional level hasnever been easier. Try 116 samples for FREE!

12.9.2011 I  NEW WEBSITE Launched!
Finally you can enjoy new modern and clear website of G-Sonique digital instruments. Happy surfing...

30.11.2010 I  Psytrance Drum Kit1
If you wonder why your track doesn't make the floor dancy, maybe you miss something. The kick and bass is not enough, you need an elaborated rhythmic beat,
you need this Drum Kit!