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Feb 2023: Psytrance AI Voices
New Club Bank for our G-Sonique Club Player! Nothing gets a crowd crazy more than an professional built-up graduating from chill intermezzo to a dance passage with atomic bomb energy of a perfect timed woman vocals!

Ideal for effecting drums, percussion, synthesizers, voices, pads, bells, strings, but also guitars and other acoustic instruments - it can be used on almost all types of instruments without limitation.
Apr 2022: ANALOG TAPE ASX-72

We designed Analog Tape ASX-72 to offer various types of tape sound for various styles of use and high level of sound creativity: from very gentle modern tape sound to very fat, grungy vintage sound.
Mastering Apr 2022: ANALOG TAPE ASX-72
04.07.2022 Dubmaster - liquid delay updated to v1.1   I   13.06.2022 FSQ1964 now in native 64bit!   I   17.07.2021 Creative Stereophase Filter x64 version

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