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Apr 2022: ANALOG TAPE ASX-72
We designed Analog Tape ASX-72 to offer various types of tape sound for various styles of use and high level of sound creativity: from very gentle modern tape sound to very fat, grungy vintage sound.
Jan 2022: DARKPSY FX466

Second expandable G-Sonique Club Instrument, where beside of default darkpsy banks you can download many more by your own choice from Club section.

Collaboration with world known music producer has created unique plug-in synthesizer designed for creating heavy Trap / Hip-Hop Kicks and fat Basslines
Mastering Jan 2022: DARKPSY FX466 Dec 2021: SWEDE TRAP BASS
04.07.2022 Dubmaster - liquid delay updated to v1.1   I   13.06.2022 FSQ1964 now in native 64bit!   I   17.07.2021 Creative Stereophase Filter x64 version

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